APRIL 2018: SPI gels exhibited at the SPE IOR symposium in Tulsa OK

DECEMBER 2017: First SPI gel treatment in 17k ft multilateral in a western OK Mississippian water injection well

APRIL 2016: SPI gels exhibited at the SPE IOR symposium in Tulsa OK

APRIL 2016: SPI presented SPE paper SPE179615MS on the SPI gel field treatments to date

SEPTEMBER 2014: Hart E&P Magazine article “Improved Mobility Control for CO2 EOR Using Silica-Polymer-Initiator (SPI) Gels” by Ken Oglesby, Impact Technologies LLC and Eric Smistad, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy and Bill Pike

JUNE 2014: Department of Energy Final Report for DE-FE0005958, 11 June 2014,

OCTOBER 2012: “SPI Conformance Gel Applications in Geothermal Zonal Isolation” Phase I Final Report for project DE-EE0005508 by Lyle Burns and Talee Redcorn on October 2012.

JANURARY 2012: “Improved Mobility Control in CO2 Enhanced Recovery”, presentation on project #DE-FE00005958 to DOE by Kenneth D. Oglesby and Lyle D. Burns in Morgantown, WV on 20 January 2012.

JUNE 2011: Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association (OIPA) Annual Meeting presentation in Colinas, Texas, by Ken Oglesby on 5 June 2011

FEBRUARY 2011: Petroleum Technology Transfer Corporation (PTTC)- Industry Webinar Meeting on “SPI Gels”, by Ken Oglesby, 24 Feb 2011

APRIL 2009: “Chemical Method to Improve CO2 Flooding Sweep Efficiency for Oil Recovery Using SPI-CO2 Gels”, Final Report For SBIR Phase I project, by L. D. Burns, PI and Bill Johnson of RTA with Ken Oglesby of Impact Technologies LLC and Dwight F. Rychel, consultant. April 2009

APRIL 2008: “New Generation Silicate Gel System for Casing Repairs and Water Shutoff”, SPE#113490 technical paper by Lyle D. Burns and Michael Burns, RTA Systems, Inc. Bartlesville, OK; Paul Wilhite and Stan McCool, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS; Ken Oglesby, Impact Technologies, Tulsa, OK; Jim Glass, JAG Enhanced Recovery. Presented at the SPE- DOE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium and Exhibition in Tulsa OK in Tulsa, OK, in April 2008. Society of Petroleum Engineers technical paper Stripper Well Consortium (SWC) presentation