Basement Leaks

Application is for commercial buildings and residential homes with basements.

With shifts in the supporting rock layers below a building (residential or commercial), cracks in the cement walls and floors of a basement may occur. During rains or under raised water table conditions, water entry into a basement can occur. This can cause moisture and mold problems. SPI gels can be used to provide a chemical gel wall outside the cracked cement walls to prevent water entry. A 2000s period OCAST project allowed demonstration projects for four Tulsa, Oklahoma homes. All were 100% successful.

Treatment process: Perforated rods are driven into the ground at set intervals around the basement and SPI gels with internal initiators are injected down those rods to flow, then set and seal. Before the SPI gel sets, it is water-like and will flow (like water) to the problem areas of the basement. Then it will set into a firm gel that will prevent further water flow into the basement. Multiple treatments may be needed for 100% shutoff. The ground around the basement, where the treatments were made, should be kept moist during drought conditions to prevent the shallower SPI gels from drying out.

Design of such a treatment is based on linear footage around and depth of the basement.